(Coming soon) Toddler

(6 Month-3 Years)


The child has an adult (parent or other) in the water with him/her at all times. These classes include an introduction to water safety and primary water skills including back floats, submersion, rollover breathing and water play in a fun, family environment.

Alpha-Bubble (Level 1 – Level 2)

 (max 3 or 4 students in group) – Ages 3 – 4 Years


Our goal is to train swimmers into confident and relaxed swimmers. We focus on building a solid foundation in order for our swimmers to soar as they move through the world of aquatics. Tot takes you through the beginning stages of swimming to stroke development and aquatic skills that make activities such as surfing, boating, and scuba diving into simple achievements.

Alpha-Kicker (Level 3 – Level 4)

(max 4 students in group)


Introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work with swimmers on submersion, rollover breathing, back floats, standard kicking, and being independent in the swimming pool.

Beta (Level 5 – Level 8)

                                                      (max 4 students in group)

                                                  30-MINUTE CLASS

In Beta, the swimmer must be comfortable in water and can swim short distance without help. In this group we focus on learning freestyle arms and side breathing.

Delta (Level 9 – Level 12)

                                                      (max 4 students in group)

       30-MINUTE CLASS

In group delta, the swimmer focuses on to swim backstroke.

Gamma (Level 13 – Level 16)

                                                      (max 6 students in group)


Must be able to swim 15 yards in Freestyle and Backstroke without any help. Focus on learning breaststroke.

Swim Team Preparation




Swimmers in this group must be able to swim 35 yards independently and have a solid freestyle and backstroke skill. Swimmer must be able to swim breaststroke for 10-15 yards in the swimming pool.




Swimmer must be able to swim three strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle for 100-300 yards nonstop. In this group you will start learning how to swim butterfly.




Four stroke influence and the primary focus of this group will be on competitive swimming and the skills needed to excel in this sport. This group is also designed to aid the swimmer in stroke mechanics and training of capacity.

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