Frequently Asked Questions

Private Lesson

How do I book a private lesson?

Private lesson availability changes often. The only way to book a private lesson is by speaking with an administrator at the swim counter, either over the phone, or in person. We will happily go over the spots available and help you choose the right instructor for you. 

Can I put both of my children in the same private lesson?

Yes, you may enroll in what we call a semi-private lesson. A semi-private lesson consists of 2 or more individuals sharing an instructor for the duration of their lesson. Semi-private lessons are ideal for family members or friends who are close in age and skill level. If you are interested in booking a semi-private lesson please call the swim counter!

What if I decide to switch from group classes to private lessons?

We can remove you from your seasonal group class at any point during the session and use the remaining credit towards payment for private lessons.  You will be charged a process fee of $20. After the process fee is applied you may use the remaining credit towards private lessons or any other program you are interested in enrolling in.

Group Lesson

How do I enroll in swim class?

a. Determine which swim level you should be in by consulting the swim program
b. Decide what time and date you would like to Choose
c. register online, print out hard copy (confirmation page) after you submit online
d. Upon payment received your space will be reserved.

I'm registering online. How do I pay for the lessons?

Payment is due at the time of registration; you can either mail in payment, or turn it in person, once we receive the payment you will get a confirmation email from us, your space will be reserved.

Can you ‘hold’ the class spot open for my swimmer until I pay for the class?

No, we cannot guarantee that any open spot in a class will stay that way, unless the spot is paid for.

How do group swim lessons work?

Group swim lessons are a cost-effective and fun way to learn how to swim with a group of peers. Typically you will attend a group swim class once a week, although we recommend coming more often if you are looking to progress at a faster rate or if you simply enjoy the class. 
All group classes are organized into swim levels. A person’s swim level is determined by age as well as ability. The program will help you choose the swim level that is right for you. All skills listed under a particular swim level are the skills that are learned in that level.       

What if I choose the wrong swim level?

No worries! We can always move you into a class at a different level as long as the class you are looking to move into is available.

The Instructor told me that I'm ready to move up to the next level? Can I move right away?

Of course! As long as class availability permits you may move to a different class at a different level at any time. Please call or visit the swim counter to switch classes.

Is there a discount if more than 1 member of my family registers for swim lessons?

There is no family discount for swim lessons. If more than two members of your family are enrolled in swim lessons, the second sibling get $10 off from registration fee.

Can I register for a group class even though the semester has already started?

Yes, you can join a group class at any point during the semester, even if the semester has already started. We will prorate the cost of missed group classes back to you.  However, you need to call to find out the space availability. 

How many students are allowed in each group class?

The number of students in a group class depends on the swim level.

TOT(4:1)                                     Class Time:  30 Minutes

Alpha, Beta, Delta (4:1)           Class Time:  30 Minutes    

Gamma (6:1)                             Class Time:  45 Minutes   

Challenge (8:1)                          Class Time: 60 Minutes

Pre-Competitive(8-12:1)          Class Time: 60 Minutes 

Competitive(14 : 1)                   Class Time: 60 Minutes

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Unfortunately, every child is different and they all have different abilities. There are many factors in learning to swim and each parents’ definition of swimming will vary. Most of our students continue through our program until they graduate, but some parents just want their children to know the basics. Every child learns at their own pace, so it’s impossible to determine how long it will take. It is important for parents to have realistic expectations for their children. Please avoid comparing your child to others. Positive reinforcement and consistency is vital for your child’s success. Regardless of what the final goal may be, we feel it’s important that the child learns to have a love and respect of the water.

How will I know when I am able to move up to the next swim level?

If your instructor assesses you are ready for the next level they will check off a box at the bottom of the progress report labeled “Move up” and they will fill in the appropriate level for you at any time of the session.  Meanwhile, at the end of every session, our instructors will evaluate you and assess the progress you have made.

What if my child cries?

It is completely normal for a first-time swimmer to be nervous, especially if they are very young. Children cry in order to express their feelings of nervousness due to separation anxiety, a bad past experience, or just an irrational fear of the water. Our instructors are very friendly and are trained to understand the fear that children often have when coming to swim class for the first time.  Normally your child will need 4 – 6 weeks to get used to it and the best thing you can do is to allow the instructor to build trust with your child as you praise them for being such a brave boy or girl. By creating a positive reward system with smiles and high fives, even the most fearful child will learn to love the water.

What if I missed the class, or I can not attend class due to illness?

We offer “Self Practice” times for swimmers who missed their class. No swim instructors will be available during this practice time, but a lifeguard will be on duty. It is open to all currently registered swimmers who miss a lesson. Each swimmer may receive up to 2 free tickets for each session at the front desk. We charge $4.00 for each adult to accompany any swimmer in the water.   We only allow limited swimmers in each Self Practice time. On a first come, first serve basis.  Free ticket can NOT be carried over to next session                                                             
Swimmers must swim company by an adult, within arm’s reach at all times during open/self-practice swim time. Except for swimmers who are challenge & up level.

What if I would like to self-practice?

You must be our current session resisted student; there is a drop in fee of $5.00 per person who wants to practice themselves at our Self Practice time.

May I request a specific teacher?

Yes, you may request a teacher and we will do everything possible to fulfill your request, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your child’s placement with a specific instructor. All Flying Fish instructors are trained to our standards to ensure quality and consistency in every class.

School Policy

Registration Policy

•    Annual Registration fee $50/student.

-Registration fee is non-refundable.

•     Flying Fish Swimming School request fill registration form online.
– The spot in the class is not reserved until tuition with registration fee is received.
(we can NOT Hold or reserve spots in lesson/classes without payment)

•    No Refund, Make ups, or Credits after 1st day of the class.

•    20% of the tuition will be charged if cancel the classes 5 days prior to the
start of session.
•    There are no makeup lessons, credits or refunds for scheduled lessons you   miss.

•    Bounced check subjected to $25 charge.

•    There is $30 processing fee for each transfer / switching / refund check

•    Cancellation is offered with a doctor’s note and 50% refund for remaining classes.

•    Refund for cancellation classes has to be requested by email 10 days before session start. We only based on email requesting date to confirming your cancellation request. $30 refund process fee will be applied.

•    There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes, nor for same-day cancellations caused by any act of God, including but not limited to, lightning, earthquake and severe weather.  In the instances of shutdowns caused by pandemic; health and safety considerations such as fecal and vomiting incidents.

•    We have a 2 student minimum to run a class (for 30 minutes class) and 4 student minimum to run a class (for 60 minutes class).  FFSS will make every effort to combine or reschedule classes with low enrollment.
Management reserves the right to cancel a class if a class under minimum student are registered.

•     It is your responsibility to make sure that appointment, vacations, and other activities do not interfere with the class for which you have enrolled.
Please consider this before enrolling.

•    Enrolling by instructors is NOT a service we provide. Instructors are not
guaranteed and are subject to change at any time. All Flying Fish Swim School
instructors have successfully completed the FFSS training program and are
certified in CPR and First Aid.

Pool Policy

•   Lifeguards have the authority to stop any activity that is deemed unsafe.

•   Swim caps are required for all swimmers who have enrolled in the program.

•   Beginner (Alpha; Beta ) parents must stay in the designated seating area and watch your kids during class. The seats on the pool deck are for Beginner parent only (Only one parent/guardian in the designated seating area during class). 

•   If your kids’ siblings come with you to the swimming pool (who are not enrolled in classes) please stay in view-room area.  They are not allowed in pool deck area. They are your responsibility to keep them safe in view-room. 

•  We are do not accept children who are not yet potty-trained

•  Swim goggles are highly encouraged. If we feel a child’s progress is slowed because they are not wearing goggles, we may require they have to use it. 

•  There is absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY or TAKING VIDEOS of any lessons

•  Cell phone and/or camera usage is NOT permitted in any of our locker rooms at any time.

•  No running or horseplay; No jumping or diving, twists, or flips. No hanging on lane lines. No gum or glass in the pool area. No spitting in the pool. 
•  Showers are required by California States Law before swimming in a public pool.

•  The FFSS is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles on our premises programs.

•  Adults/legal guardians must supervise their child(ren)/minor dependents in the facility at all times (when not with an instructor in the water).

•  Students are required to follow all rules and regulations of swim pool, should respect our instructors and staff. Both of our instructors and staff reserve the right to disqualify students who have violated any of our rules.

•  Please escort your young child to the bathroom prior to his or her lesson. A $380 charge will be applied to any family whose child closes pool due to Bodily waste.

• No boy over 5 years old is allowed to enter the girl’s changing room. No girl over 5 years old is allowed to enter the boy’s changing room.

•  Absolutely no dropping off of children to be picked up later.

•  If you are bringing siblings with you to the swim pool facility(who are not enrolled in lessons) please stay in view-room area with your kid(s), don’t bring them in-side the pool area. They are your responsibility to keep them safe.

• Parent(Beginner & preschooler)are required to stay with their child at all times on the pool deck. Only one parent/guardian in the designated seating area during class. Please NEVER approach your child while they are in a lesson and NEVER approach a coach during a lesson. This is a big distraction, not just for your child but for the other kids as well. We want the kids to be focused on the coaches, not the parents.

•  In order to maintain an optimal learning environment, it may be necessary to change a student’s class assignment or instructor while we do our best to match a student with a class appropriate to his or her level, it may happen that a student is placed in a class that is not an ideal fit. All possible avenues will be exhausted in an effort to rectify the situation. If no suitable solution is available, FFSS reserves the right to drop the student.                                                                                          
•  The FFSS is a smoke-free, tobacco-free and drug-free environment. Smoking is prohibited on all FFSS property.

•  Absolutely no chewing gum in facility and pool area. A $150 charge will be applied to any family who chewing gum in Flying Fish Swimming School facility.

• No candy, cough drops or other consumables are allowed in the pool area. Please make sure your child has disposed of these properly before beginning the lesson                                    

• Clothing, gear and shoes not related to use in the pool must be kept in lockers room. This includes street shoes (not used on the deck), any clothes not intended to be worn in the pool and any personal items. Please leave all valuables at home. The FFSS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

•  Loose jewelry or any extraneous body accessories cannot be worn in the pool or deck area. These items will interfere with our instructors’ hands on approach and also may damage the filtration system if lost.

•Flying fish Swimming School reserves the right to photograph and film facilities, activities and program participants for potential use in our marketing efforts, which may include, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, TV commercials, and the Flying Fish Swimming School’s website.  All marketing materials will remain the property of the Flying Fish Swimming School.

•Flying Fish swimming School reserves the right to change policy and procedure at any time without prior notice to ensure ongoing quality and service. 

• Flying Fish Swim School maintains the right to terminate any membership at any time with cause in the interest of our vision, mission, objectives, and safety issue.

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